All you Need for the Littluns

Facilities for children of all ages, and especially designed activities for kids to enjoy the mountains to the full.

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    The P’tits Mouflés Creche

    For children from 6 months to 6 years-old inclusive

    Les P’tits Mouflés is located in the same building as the Thollon Tourist Office.

    Everything is designed especially for your children: spacious premises, rooms adapted to the children’s age groups, a sunny secured outside area, and state-certified staff.

    Open daily from 8.30 am to 6:00 pm (except Mondays outside of school holidays).

    Hourly, ½ day, full day or weekly rates.

    Nursery equipment is available for rent: foldable beds, child seats, etc.

    Please bring:

    Proof of vaccinations, security blanket/cuddly toy, nappies (if needed), a meal (pre-prepared pot to be reheated) and a snack.

    A deposit cheque of  €110.

    It is advised to reserve your child’s stay.


    Tel.: 04 50 70 97 74
    More info and reservations by e-mail

    Registration form
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      1 hour

    • €7

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      4 hours

    • €26

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      Full Day 8h

    • €48

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      20h Pass

    • €110

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      35h Pass

    • €175


Thollon Tourist Office has a list of non-professional babysitters available.

Activities for Children

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    Cable Car Ascension

    The cable car climbs rapidly (in less than 6 minutes), from an altitude of 1,030m to 1,880 m. This can be dangerous for young children’s ear drums and especially babies less than 6 months old. It is free for children under the age of 5.

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    Sledging Slope

    There is a cordoned off sledging slope located at the foot of the Lanche ski run with free access.

    There are events on some days at the end of the afternoon.

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    It is open access near to the Thollon Tourist Office.

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    Ski Lessons

    From the age of 4, children can take ski lessons with the ESF.
    Younger children will have access to the ‘Jardin des Neiges’, a fun area designed to gently introduce skiing.

    More info on the ESF

Events and Attractions

Throughout the winter the Thollon Tourist Office organises many different events and attractions for children.

See the events calendar